What is KD in Nike shoes? Top 5 KD Facts


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What is KD in Nike shoes

The KD in Nike shoes stands for Kevin Durant. If you are wondering, What is KD in Nike shoes? There is a great history behind this famous global representation.

In the world of the market, people are actually moved to consume products and services like shoes when there is an inspirational story behind them. Consumers want to mark why they have this and not that.

There is a constant new release of Nike shoes like “Nike Dunk High “Gold Mountain” on May 10.

Nike Dunk High Gold Mountain

The “Gold Mountain” Nike Dunk Highs depicts the story of “Gam Saan,” or “Gold Mountain,” which immigrants were attracted to during the California Gold Rush and established a place for themselves.

The shoe incorporates details inspired by this neighborhood and its surrounding city, with premium suede and leather-constructed upper in earthy tones and an ocean-blue outsole, as a nod to the California landscape.

The shoe’s heel features a Gold Mountain graphic that symbolizes hope. At the same time, the tongues and insoles showcase lotus flowers and characters spelling 旧金山 (Gau Gam Saan, or “Old Gold Mountain”), conveying a blessing with each step taken.

What is KD in Nike shoes?

The amazing journey of KD in NIke shoes began when Nike signed Kevin Durant to a seven-year, $60 million deal when he turned pro after the 2007 season. This made him one of the most-watched professional basketball players. At the time, his rookie endorsement deal was the second-largest after LeBron James.

Recognizing his next-level talent, Nike took an immediate bet on the 6-foot, 10-inch forward. Throughout his career with the Seattle Supersonics, the Oklahoma City Thunder, the Golden State Warriors, and now the Brooklyn Nets, Durant has proven that he brings superstar wattage to the court, no matter which team he’s playing for.

History of KD Shoes

Nike Zoom KD1

Nike Zoom KD1

In 2008, Nike unveiled the first signature shoe for Kevin Durant, the Nike Zoom KD1. The shoe was modeled after Durant’s favorite Huarache 2K4 shoe and included Zoom Air in the forefoot, molding to the foot. Nike made the shoe available in nine different colorways, some with unique titles to Durant, such as OKC Home and Montrose Christian High School. This happened after the SuperSonics moved to Oklahoma City and became the Thunder in 2008.

Nike Zoom KD2

Nike Zoom KD2

The Nike Zoom KD series’ second shoe aimed to recognize and honor Kevin Durant’s many accomplishments in his third season, where he averaged 30.1 points per game and became the youngest NBA scoring champion. Additionally, he was selected to his first NBA All-Star Game. The KD2 introduced a signature strap across the shoe, which has become a key feature in the KD collection over the years.

Nike Zoom KD3

Nike Zoom KD3

Nike Flywire technology was first introduced in Durant’s KD3 shoe, making it lighter and more durable in 2010. Additionally, the shoe was the only one in which Nike iD allowed customers to design their own colorways.

Nike Zoom KD4

Nike Zoom KD4

In the 2011-2012 season, Durant’s solidified his biggest victories, making him one of the game’s best players. Teammates Russell Westbrook and James Harden helped Durant reach the NBA Finals in the 2011-2012 season, where they were ultimately defeated by LeBron James and the Miami Heat.

The year also marked the debut of the Aunt Pearl colorway, which was named after Durant’s close Aunt Pearl, who had passed away from lung cancer. The pink styles that were introduced to the line bring joy to the assortment and are continuously seen throughout the line as a tribute to her.

Nike Zoom KD5

Nike Zoom KD5

The introduction of the KD 5 marked the first high-top iteration in Durant’s shoe line. Nike was confident that Durant’s name spoke for itself and decided to drop the “Zoom” moniker, which was present in the first four styles of KD shoes.

The price of the shoe was raised to over $100 per pair, which was a departure from Durant’s previous shoes, which had all been priced below $100, as he prioritized affordability to reach his fan base. The KD V also introduced the Elite sub-line, which added technical updates to the shoe specifically for the postseason.

Is KD part of Nike?

Nike and Kevin Durant have reached a lifetime contract agreement, making him the third NBA player to receive such a deal after Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

What does the KD logo mean?

Nike developed Kevin Durant’s logo using his initials, with the aim of creating an easily recognizable brand identity for the shoes and other products bearing his name when he signed with the company.

Final Words

Inspirations have pulled a lot of consumers to purchase any new release of KD shoes by Nike. This is how the famous signature KD in Nike shoes began, and it continues to stay relevant to date. Thank you for reading on Kd9nike.


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