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Nike Store: Nike Add To Bag Not Working

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Is the Nike add to bag not working? Some common issues on Nike store like having trouble adding Nike products to your shopping bag. If you encounter this issue, below are some reasons and how to fix it.

Nike store online displays a collection of Nike branded products like KD shoes, swimming costumes, basketball tops, and many other products listed on the Nike store.

Nike thinks about its consumers just like any other product-selling company out there. Online presence matters most in this generation than it has ever been. Nike store online saves you time by shopping online from your home and office at your own comfort and getting it delivered to your doorstep.

Nike provides a wide range of platforms to purchase Nike products. Nike store is available on the web at Nike store App is also available on Android Play Store and iOS App Store.

If you are having an issue with Nike ADD TO BAG not working, check below for possible reasons and how to fix the problem to complete your order on

Nike Add To Bag Not Working

Reasons why Nike ADD TO BAG not working

1. Poor internet connection: Having weak or slow internet connectivity can be the primary issue why your product is not added to the bag or cart.

2. Outdated Mobile App: An outdated Nike mobile App on either Android or iOS will prevent users from adding new products to the shopping cart. An outdated Nike store app can fail to run on your mobile device.

3. Wrong user address: Entering an invalid user address on the user info page can also be the reason why your products are failing to add to the bag on Nike store.

4. server status: Website downtimes happen often, and this prevents access to the online store and perform certain actions.

How to fix Nike ADD TO BAG not working

1. Internet Connectivity

The first thing you have to check is your internet connection when your products on Nike store are not added to your cart. Nike store on the web and on mobile requires a stable internet connection to enable its features to work smoothly.

  • Restart your internet device if you suspect an internet downtime.
  • Disconnect from the WIFI.
  • Reconnect your device and try again.
  • If it fails to add to the bag on Nike store, try accessing other online platforms.
  • If accessing other online platforms fails, you need to contact your internet service prover for connectivity issues.
  • If your internet service is working perfectly, this will be a server error from server.

Scroll down to read on how to check the server status for If the server status is down, you need to wait for a while whiles troubleshoot or corrects any connectivity issue.

2. Update Nike Store Mobile App

If Nike Add To Bag is not working on mobile phones, either Android or iOS, here is how to fix it;

  1. Navigate to the Play Store on Android and on iOS App Store.
  2. Search for the Nike Store App on iOS and Android.
  3. Tap update to update the Nike store mobile App.

3. Provide the correct address and payment details

Navigate to the user dashboard and update your address and valid payment information. An invalid card information can also cause this problem “Nike add to bag not to work”.

4. Checking is down is hosted on the internet like any other online platform, and servers are prone to go down sometimes. When you notice is not working as expected, you can check the server status of

Is down? Check if is down. If you notice is down, take a break and visit the site after some minutes.

Why Can’t I Complete My Nike Order?

If you’ve exhausted the above steps and it’s still not working, you can try the following methods below to complete your order on

  1. Clear web browser cookies and cache.
  2. Uninstall Mobile Apps and reinstall.
  3. Report Error to help.
  4. Double-check if the product is still in stock.

Final words

“ADD TO BAG not working” is very common. However, frequently updating your Nike store mobile App can prevent this. If the problem persists, try logging into your Nike Id on a different device to complete your order on You can follow this guide on How to share a shopping cart with someone.

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